32 Unbelievable Food Tricks


You didn’t think that with food you can do some tricks and not one,two or three tricks.So it only makes sense that food hacks would be mind-blowingly great.I will present you 32 Unbelievable Food Tricks:

1.Make your own soda slushy!
Get a botlle of soda.Give it a good shake.Place it in the freezer.After 3 hours and 15 minutes,take out the soda from the freezer and gently open the cap then close it again.Shake it up.You now have a carbonated slushy.
2.Take a potatoe and a cheese grater.Shred the potatoe and put it on a waffle maker.You will obtaine a perfectly shaped hash browns.
3.Wrap the top of your bananas with plastic wrap to have them last up to four or five days longer.
4.Want to chop onions without crying?
Place your cutting board on the stove under the hood fan.Those tear-inducing fumes won’t get anywhere near eyes.
5.Don’t know if your eggs are hard boiled?
Spin them!Hard boiled eggs spin easily,row eggs do not!
Don’t know if your eggs are fresh?
Float them!Spoiled eggs float,fresh eggs do not!
6.Add fresh pineapple juice or crushed pineapples to your meat marinades.Not only does it gives it natural sweetness but it also tenderizes your meat.
7.Tired or just having a plain ol’ Big Mac at McDonald’s?
Then get one with a chicken patty instead of a third piece of bread,which is known as the incredibly gross-sounding McGangBang!
8.Keep home-baked cookies moist by placing them in an airtight container or zippered storage bag and add a slice of bread.
9.Don’t got buttermilk?
Mix 1 tablespoon lemon juice and 1 cup milk.In 5 to 10 minutes,it will be a curdled mess and can be used as a buttermilk.You can also use white vinegar,if you’re short on lemons.
10.Any mug cake recipe can be doubled or tripled to make a regular-size cake.Just make sure to use a microwaveable baking pan.
11.Wanna have a great dessert for your kids?
Buy an ice cream(ex:Ben&Jerry’s Ice Cream).Just use a hot knife to cut a piece of the ice-cream and stick it between two cookies.Peel carton paper off.You now have a perfect,cheap yummy dessert!
12.Want to save some money at Starbucks?
Order an iced Americano with no water and 1/2 ice-then use the free half&half cream at the condiment bar to make yourself a cheap latte!
13.Love home baked bread but crave a soft crust?
Fresh from the oven wrap that warm loaf in foil.When it cools it will be very soft!
14.Great dessert!
Purchase some baby bananas because they’re sweeter than typical banana’s.Peel and freeze the bananas,then stick them in a food processor.Add whatever fruit or other flavorins you want,then blend!
Enjoy your dairy-free all-natural,homemade ice cream!
15.If your kids want to dye their hair you have a solution.Go to the store and buy Kool-Aid.You can dye their hair with it!
16.Making chocolate chip cookies?
Make chocolate chips from your favorite brand:freeze a bar of chocolate,put it on a ziplock bag and then bang on it with the back of a spoon until it’s crushed into nice small chuncks.
17.You knew that if you chew gum while you peel an onion may keep you from crying?Yep,this works!
18.A fast and effortless way to cook your bacon?Just cook it in a waffle iron for 2 and a half minutes on both sides!
19.You’re peeling garlic wrong!A fast way is to use two bowls,put inside the garlic and shake vigorously.You will be amazed,so just give it a try!
20.I bet you didn’t know this!
Seasalt,extra virgin olive oil and vanilla ice cream.Adding salt to any ice cream brings out the creaminess and olive oil’s earthy tones make vanilla flavors pop!
21.Maximize your caffeine intake by ditching ice!
Only that you don’t have to add frozen water cubes,instead you add frozen coffee cubes!
22.Use frozen grapes instead of ice cubes to avoid watering down wine.Or just use them to look fancy and have a nice snack at the end of any drink.
23.Want the perfect way to make bacon cheese burgers or BLT sandwiches?Just weave a few slices of bacon together,place on a foiled cookie sheet and bake.
24.Tired of your cake ending up on your knife rather than your plate?
Use unscented dental floss instead!You can also use it to cut soft foods such as cheese and store-bought cookie dought.
25.Pour pancake batter over pre-cooked bacon slices for an all in one breakfast.
26.Save yourself prep work by peeling and slicing potatoes ahead of time.Immediately submerge them in cold water and store in the fridge to prevent browning!
27.Need room temperature butter fast?
Easy!Just use a cheese grater to get it to a mixable state.
28.Freeze fruit,herbs and water in a muffin tin.Use in pitchers of water,tea or juices.
29.Freeze your fresh herbs in olive oil!This prevents freezer burns and keeps them ready for use when cooking.
30.Make chocolate covered strawberries using an ice cube tray and melted chocolate.
31.Dip balloons into melted chocolate,to make edible dessert bowls!
32.Forgot to put the twist-tie back on?
Wrap dried-out bread or rolls in a clean,damp,kitchen towel and microwave in a 10 second intervals until soft again!

32 Unbelievable Food Tricks

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