Breaded Cheese with Country-style or “peasant” Potatoes


Like i`ve said in the previews post , i was out with my boyfriend and he ate Chicken Skewers with Red Pepper , Onion and Grilled Mushrooms and i`ve ate Breaded Cheese with Country-style or “peasant” Potatoes , like in the picture below .
For those who doesn`t know how to make Breaded Cheese with Country-style or “peasant” Potatoes , i will tell you 🙂
It`s very simple !

Breaded Cheese :
You cut some slice of cheese in what dimension you like , thick like your finger . Then you pass the slice in some beaten egg , then in some biscuit and you let it to fry in a pan with oil for about 3 – 4 minutes both sides until they get a golden color . Now the Country-style or “peasant” Potatoes are made like this : you cut the potatoes in cubes and you fry them with some bacon and onion . You can choose some garlic instead the onion . And that`s all !
Enjoy it !

cascaval pane


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