Chocolate Fondant with hazelnuts and chestnuts


Easy to prepare
For 8 people

-400 g dark chocolate
-Chestnut cream 1 jar (vani-wide)

-50 ml golden rum
-200 g hazelnuts, peeled
-100 g almond and hazelnut praline finely ground
-100 ml liquid cream cold
-150 g soft butter

1. Brown the nuts in a non-stick skillet without fat . After they have cooled , grind them with the blender (keep some for decoration) and put them aside .
2. Cut the chocolate into pieces and melt it (in a bain-marie or in the microwave) . Remove from the heat , add the softened butter , cut into pieces and mix with a spatula until you get an oily paste . Incorporate the chestnut cream and rum , stirring long . Mix the heavy cream until you get a thick cream .
3. Mix the composition carefully with the chocolate , then add the ground hazelnuts . Brush with a little oil the cake form and add a foil wallpaper food . Pour the chocolate mixture into cake shape , smooth it , fold the foil over and refrigerate for at least 6 h .
4. When you want to serve it , remove the foil , place a plate over it and pull it out .
5. Sprinkle the praline and garnish it with ground peanuts ( you can keep the peanuts in caramel to soften ) .

Hope that you will like it !

  Chocolate Fondant with hazelnuts and chestnuts

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