Delicious Roasted Potatoes


Oh my Gosh… I can`t believe that i`ll find this… I`m so happy!!!I`ll never thought of this, to make roaste potatoes in heart shape… I `ll have to thank  Hanielas  for making my day a better one :D… Like she said on her blog , i`m a fan potatoes too… From childhood i`ve been inlove with all the meals that included potatoes… When I was in highschool I was making my mom crazy with french fries, I was eatting it in the morning, at noon and night… every day:))
This it will be a lovely present for my boyfriend on Valentine`s Day 😀 (more for me 😛 )
I`ll hope that you will like it too this recipe , for more details please visit this link : Hanielas

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