DIY – Gorgeous lace shorts


More and more DIY Fashion is taking a realy great place in all the DIY home for the girls around the world . Is becoming so popular and I`m very sure that at least one time you`ve tried to remake an item of clothing from your closet following a DIY tutorial , like this one for example .
You will need 4 things :

-a pair of shorts
-fabric glue
With this now you only need to follow the pictures . It`s not so hard . Put the glue around the top of the lace little by little and press it down onto the shorts . At the end you will needto hang the shorts up to dry .

Tip : If you like to have the shorts for a long time you will need to sew the lace on because the glue may come loose with washing 😀 and one more thing use a short with non-stretch fabric .

DIY - Gorgeous lace shorts

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