Fried squids with fries


Although many people believe that for this recipe is preferable to use fresh squid, I want to tell you that you can use them on the frozen without any problem. The flavor of the recipe is the same, and I say that because last week I made ​​a recipe on frozen squids rings.

If you choose fresh squids, until you put in the pan, we have a step: you have to clean them. The operation is not so complicated.

How we clean the squid? It`s simple 🙂 With one hand catch them by the tail, and the other hand on the head, the squid with tentacles. We pull the head out until it breaks and giblets from the body squid. Although people say it would be out most of the intestines in this step, in my experience with the 5 squids did not happen at all. After finishing the beheading, I’ve been washed and the interior cleaned. Now tuck your fingers deep inside the squid and remove all the bowels. Squid must remain perfectly clean.
Finally, we have to remove a rod brittle (a bone) that is found up and down the squid body. For this we are looking at the place where we broke the squid head and with a little we can see that the rod is not thicker of 2-3 mm. We carefully remove it .After this step we are ready to move at cutting the body squid into rings.

Ingredients for the fried squids :

  • fresh or frozen squids
  • an egg
  • 200 ml beer
  • flour
  • salt and pepper
  • oil for frying
  • lemon


1. Beat an egg with 5 tablespoons of flour, a pinch of salt and a little pepper.

2. Add beer until dough becomes thinner than pancakes. On average, about 170-200 milliliters of beer would have to be suficient.

3. Heat the oil in a roomy pan . Next to the bowl in which we have prepared breaded , we put a bowl of flour. The steps are: we pass the squid rings in flour, in the beaten egg and after we put them to fry in oil.

4. When we see that they were slightly browned we have to turn them back. We have to leave them a little bit of time to the fire to bake the breaded and they are ready.

Warning: do not leave them very much on fire because the squid become rubber. Like most seafood, they don`t need much time to bake.

5. I used as garnish fries with grated sheep cheese on top.

Note : Use a garlic cream sauce for the squid rings.They taste delicious with it 🙂

Fried squids with fries

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