Is Bacon the Secret to a Long and Happy Life? Who Cares…It’s Bacon!


The 105-year-old Pearl Cantrell swears her daily portion of tasty bacon has been the key to her longevity. Indeed, her imperial data would appear to belie the unhealthily notions that bacon is bad for you. Cantrell credits her longevity to her love for the fried pork meat, and her experience makes a mockery of the medical warnings that typically comes with an order of the salty, tasty treat.

The Texas centenarian, who claims she loves bacon and consumes it every day as a matter of practice, has survived two husbands and three of her children. According to her daughter Anna, when Pearl is not enjoying a slab of bacon she can be found out on the dance floor cutting a rug to country music, waltzes, and two-stepping to her favorite tunes.

As good as bacon is, the technology that is available to make it even better is amazing. For instance, Macy’s offers a Haeger pig shaped stoneware bacon cooker that makes cooking bacon a breeze without all the mess that is typically associated with making a bacon filled breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

It’s a Bird…It’s a Plane…It’s Delicious…

What do you get when you stuff a chicken into a duck before cramming it into a turkey and wrapping the whole affair in bacon? You get deliciousness in the form of a Turbaconducken! Clearly, this is not like your grandparents use of bacon. Bacon is not just for breakfast anymore.

Photo by Zerokaneda via Wikimedia Commons

The phenomenon known as Bacon Mania has swept the United States and Canada in recent years, and has resulted in a plethora of specialty recipes for bacon lovers to coyly consume their favorite dish whether it is in the form of bacon lollipops, bacon encrusted donuts, and bacon infused deliciousness.

Photo by Mike McCune via Wikimedia Commons

It is All About Bacon…

With numerous events throughout North America designed to celebrate the culture of bacon, these events are a sizzling good time for all attendees. In fact, fans living in Portland, Ore. call their annual Portland Baconfest one of the “happiest places in the world,” an assertion that bacon loving Pearl Cantrell would undoubtedly endorse.

Photo by dustjelly via Flickr

If you are unable to make it to the Beaver State to indulge in Portland’s celebration, there are still viable options to get your bacon on in a group setting. Thanks to Boulder, Colorado’s bacon lovers, we have been celebrating International Bacon Day on August 31 for five years running. What better time to call up some friends, fry up some bacon, and watch “Babe” while you coat your throat with delicious bacon grease?

Is Bacon the Key to a Long and Healthy Life?

Photo by Ben Husmann via Flickr

The bacon naysayers might suggest that fried meat is an unhealthy dietary decision, but it’s clear that they have never talked to Pearl Cantrell and listened to her compelling tale of bacon’s salubrious effects. Is bacon the key to a long and healthy life? Who cares? It’s bacon and it’s delicious!

Is Bacon the Secret to a Long and Happy Life?  Who Cares...It's Bacon!

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