Lasagna Rolls Bolognese


Tonight i was at the movies and i watched the most horrible horror movie ever , not because it was scary or anything like that , but because it was so poorly done . The trailer was very interesting . At the beginning it seemed promising , the actors seemed ok , the place of the action as well.

Although I thought that i will see a great horror movie , i was disappointed , like always 🙁 … An 1h and a half of my time wasted . Unfortunately nowadays , horror movies have great trailers , which make you believe that this is the scary movie you`ve been expecting since you were little , but reality is harsh . The movie i`m talking about is Evil Dead and now  i`m asking myself how can a movie like this be running in cinemas ?!?!So , if you hear about it i`m telling you it`s not worth it 🙂

After the movie i was at a restaurant to eat with my friends and i ate the best Lasagna Rolls Bolognese ever:D

lasagna rolls

This is what the menu contained :  Lasagna rolls stuffed with beef and ragu sauce , topped with plenty of tomato sauce flavored with thyme and basil, mozzarella cheese, cooked in the oven and sprinkled with parmesan and parsley leaflet.

I think that the way to preparate  it  is very easy , so I googled and I  found some instructions  . In my opinion it`s an easy recipe to make . I will definitely try it at home 😀

Hope that you will like it too 😀

Lasagna Rolls Bolognese

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