Pickled Eggplant Recipe


-8 Eggplant
-3 carrots
-4 onions
-7-8 cloves garlic
-3 green peppers

-few black peppercorns
-4-5 bay leaves
-vinegar (one tablespoon per liter of water)
-sugar (one tablespoon per liter of water)
-salt (one teaspoon per liter of water)
-a few grains of allspice (give special flavor to pickled eggplant)
-sweet Boya

Pickled eggplant Method:
1.Thoroughly clean the eggplant and remove pigtails.
2.Halves the eggplant in lengthwise,but not all the way(as long as you get to the middle of each).
3.Put them in water to a boil.Let to boil a few minutes.Take them off the heat and cover.
4.Cut the carrots into very thin strips.
5.Chop the onion.
6.Cut the peppers into larger pieces.
7.Boil pepper,bay leaves,sugar,vinegar and salt.
8.Fry the onion in oil,then put coriander and allspice.
9.When the onion is translucent,put the pepper.
10.Add garlic and paprika.Who wants,can ask and spices in these pickled eggplant.
11.Incorporates strips of carrot.
12.Take the pan off the heat and mix.
13.Squeeze very well each hunt.Only thus will not be very much liquid in the dish with pickled eggplant.
14.Fill the eggplants with previously prepared composition and put them in a deep pan.
15.Pour sauce over cooked them first(at the bay,salt,vinegar,sugar and pepper).Make sure the marinade completely covers them.
16.Place in glass vases to cool.

These pickled eggplant are served after a week.Pickled Eggplant I love to cook

Pickled Eggplant Recipe


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