Pot Chicken Drumsticks and Fried Potatoes


This is my favorite dish since i was a little girl . I’ve drove my mom crazy with the chicken drumsticks and the french fries lol 😀 Only that now i can make this myself so my mom is spared  lol

So i did this like this :

1. I pristine the chicken legs  , spice it with salt, pepper and chicken seasoning and i put them in the pot . I put some oil in pot until the middle of the chicken drumsticks because you have to fry them well and penetrate to the bone , until they get a golden color and that`s it .
2. Now the potatoes , you have to cut them in large pieces ( if you have new potatoes dug fresh , it`s better , they will be so soft that will melt into your mouth ) and put it into a pan with little oil and a cover over for steam more:). Scrape some salty cheese over the fries . ( you can add a few cloves of garlic in the pan to give them a better flavor , for those who like garlic  )
3. I like pickled peppers so I cut a few .

And that`s it 😀 Enjoy it like i`ve did !!! 😀

Pot Chicken Drumsticks and Fried Potatoes

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