Stuffed Kohlrabi


Ingredients :

– 3 large kohlrabi and their leaves
– 500 gr beef
– 2 tablespoons rice
– 1 white onion spices – white pepper, ground cumin, ground coriander

– white wine
– salt , sugar
– lemon juice
– sour cream
– starch or flour

Instructions :

It’s very easy to prepare the stuffed kohlrabi . After you wash them well , you separate the bulb from the leaves , we throw the woody stems and keep the young ones . We have to boil , for a few minutes , the large leaves in water with some salt .

We carve the kohlrabi like in the tutorial and we fill in with the mix : beef meat + rice + onion + spices(white pepper , ground cumin, ground coriander) . We place them in a pot that can be placed in the oven , cover with water and white wine in a proportion of 50-50 , salt and a teaspoon of sugar and cover up with the remaining leaves .

We let the pot in the oven for about an hour or an hour and half , it dependes of the power of the oven – initially covered and uncovered halfway through cooking . At the end we make the mix ( sour cream + lemon juice + starch ) and put it over the kohlrabi .

Serve with fresh dill and fresh sour cream and ENJOY IT !
Preparation time : 1 h 30 min
Complexity : low

Stuffed Kohlrabi

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