Sushi Vegan / Low-fat Vegan Sushi


Ingredients : 
-Integral Rice ( 3 types)
-Nori Algae

-Scallions ( green onion)
-Red Pepper
-Purple onion
-Yellow Pepper

Instructions :
1. Boil the rice for 30-35 minutes .
2. Slice vegetables as thin as you can .
3. Lay the rice layer , leaving at one end a distance of about 2 fingers . Place the vegetables on the basis of thin nori . Do not charge too much the sushi roll .
4. Rolled through a stand of bamboo , or dry fingers (nori becomes very sticky humidity) .
5. When you arrive at the free end (at no rice) , moisten the tip and press roll for proper adhesion .
6. Allow about 10 minutes for the noris to stick well and that lend fragrance ingredients .
7. Sliced ​​whose thickness is according to your own preference . Place soy sauce in a container (gives sushi better taste).

Bon Apetit!

Sushi Vegan Low-fat Vegan Sushi

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