Tacchino alla Mediterranea


This was the best turkey dish that i`ve ever eat in my life . It was delicious 😀
Here comes the ingredients (Ingredients for 4 people ) : 
4 turkey breast about 150 g,
2 peppers, red and yellow,sliced
250 g of tomato sauce( or use cherry tomatoes ),

60 g black olives,
1 tablespoon capers in salt,
4 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil,
1 teaspoon oregano,
5 heaping tablespoons flour,
120 g of bacon.

Now the instructions : 
1. Beat the turkey breast meat lightly with a hammer, we pass it into flour and fry it on both sides in a pan with olive oil.
2. Remove the turkey breast from the pan and add salt and pepper in the correct dose.
3. Put into the pan the olives , capers already desalted , the peppers and finally the bacon cut in small cubes . Saute it until it changes color.
4. Now add the chopped tomatoes or if you want you can use cherry tomatoes , oregano and simmer for ten minutes.
5.  Add the turkey breast sliced into the  sauce and cook for another 8/10 minutes.

This is all … have a nice dinner like i did 😀

Turkey to the Mediterranean 1

Tacchino alla Mediterranea

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