Tatin tart with potatoes and foie gras


A little difficult to prepare
Preparation time : 30 min
Preparation for : 35 min
For 4 people :

-200 g cooked foie gras ;

-1 roll of puff pastry ;
-8 large potatoes, with firm flesh (of the same size) ;
-2 cubes chicken soup ;
-1 bouquet garni: several herbs – classical retata: thyme, bay, parsley, tied together with a thread – longer, so it can be grabbed when removing the connection from the vessel;
-4 tablespoons goose fat ;
-Salt and pepper .

Instructions :
1.Peel potatoes and wash them. Put them in a pot, cover with water, add crumbled soup cubes , 2 tablespoons goose fat and greens now. Boil them in half, about 10-12 minutes.
2.Drain the potatoes and cut them into rings of equal thickness.
3.Cut the liver into slices. Grease a pan with removable handle (preferably cast iron), 25 cm diameter. Put in the crown, a layer of sliced ​​potatoes, so that they straddle and then a second layer.
4.Assigned liver slices potatoes, pour the remaining melted goose fat.
5.Browned ,at fast hot fire , the underside of the “tarts” and put it aside  . Preheat the oven to step 8 (or 240 ° C) . Cover pan with puff pastry , fold the edge inside, and place it in the oven .After 6 minutes, press dough to settle inside and continue baking another 10 minutes.
6.Unstick the potatoes, move them from the pan with a knife blade elastic.
7.Invert the tart on a platter and serve immediately.

Tip : if you have several small pans, you can make “cakes” individual.

Tatin tart with potatoes and foie gras

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