Thinkin’ About Dad


If you don`t have an idea for a present to your father you can try this.I have just made it for my dad for his birthday.Instead of using paper for the tie I used a piece of scrap fabric I had. Looks fantastic, I am so pleased as I find it really hard to find card ideas for men.

But here is what you need for this one : all you need are two papers, and two buttons.
1. Cut one paper into a piece 4 inches by 11 inches. Fold it in half so you have a card base that opens “up” and measures about 4 inches wide by 5.5 inches tall.
2. Measure one inch from the fold and draw a line 3/4 inches toward the center on both sides of your card.  Use scissors to cut through both papers at the marks.
3. Fold these pieces in to the center of the card, so the top corners meet in the middle.
5. Add buttons to the collar to make it more realistic.
For more details please visit this link : tiffkeetch
Thinkin' About Dad - an idea for a present to your father

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