-1 kg turkey breast and wings, with bones
-1 turkey neck (for its collagen content)
-1 onion, peeled
-1 carrot

-7-8 garlic cloves, smashed
-salt, pepper
-gelatine grains

Set meat to boil into a pot, and pour enough cold water to top meat over for some 10 cm. Take off immediately all foam that is forming on the surface. Keep at medium fire. After 30 minutes, add salt and whole onion and carrot into the pot. Boil until meat separates almost itself from the bones and liquid is almost level with the meat. Set aside and allow cooling. When lukewarm, separate meat (only breast and some of the wings), cut it into dices, and then place it in different bowls (you can decorate the bottoms with carrot dices, parsley, sweet corn grains, etc.). Blend smashed garlic into the soup, and strain the soup well. Distribute evenly the garlic flavoured soup into the bowls.
Cover bowls, and then place them in the fridge; when chilling, the soup must become a hard jelly. Serve very cold, directly from the bowl or over-turned on a plate. lt is very tasty sprinkled with (balsamic) vinegar, horseradish sauce or mustard.
Tip: test the soup’s gelatine concen- tration by placing a small amount into the fridge; if it does not turn unto jelly, add some gelatine grains to the warm soup. For Christmas, it’s traditionally made of pork meat (including ears, snout, legs).


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