Zebra Striped Cake


Are you having a birthday party for your kid or you simply want to try a new recipe?
My Cake School offers a great tutorial on how to prepare a cake with zebra stripes on the inside.
You can use :

boxes of cakes
vanilla batter
chocolate batter
vanilla buttercream

1.Drop vanilla batter in the center of a pan and then add chocolate batter in the middle.
2.Repeat this process until the pan is approximately 2/3 full.
3.Bake everything in the oven.
4.Assemble a two-layer cake and spread a thick coating of vanilla buttercream.

This dessert looks beautiful and tastes great too!

How to Make a Cake with Zebra Stripes Collage

Source : http://www.mycakeschool.com/blog/how-to-make-a-cake-with-zebra-stripes-on-the-inside/

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